sábado, 23 de junio de 2007

Sabado 23 junio Programacion

LOS CULPABLES DE TODO sábado 23 junio

-Evanescence “Call me when you’re sober”
-Good Charlotte “Keep you hands off my girl”
-MetallicA “Until it sleeps”
-Sex Pistols “God save the Queen”
-The White Stripes “Icky thumb”

-Suede “Beautiful ones”
-Placebo “Special needs”
-Incubus “Love hurts”
-Pearl Jam “Spin the Black circle”
-Babasonicos “Yegua”
-Rage Against The Machine “People of the sun”

-Julietas Venegas “Lento”
-Sinergia “Te enojay por todo”
-Kas Elliot “Make your own music”
-Bob Marley “Redeption song”
-Staind “Outside”
-The Bravery “Time won’t let me go”

-Fall Out Boy “This ain’t a scene, it’s an arm race”
-Mika “Grace Kelly”
-Maroon Five “Can’t stop”
-Maroon Five “Makes me wonder”
-Maroon Five “Won’t go home without you”

-Matiné "Nunca serás yo"


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